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100% Integrated Process

Rail GD is an innovative firm whose expertise extends from analysis to consulting and production. This analysis-design-engineering-production synergy allows us to develop fully customized solutions based on your needs, requirements and existing equipment.

Each of our projects is the sum of several talents, a reflection of the interdisciplinary strength of Rail GD.

Consulting and Project Management Services

Our team is outstanding, and thanks to our employees’ creativity and hard work we are now a North American leader in our field. Our know-how and technological resources allow us to develop integrated, comprehensive solutions adapted to your equipment and your operating context.

  • Feasibility study and audit of your needs (repairs and reconditioning).
  • Needs assessment and recommendations (resources, materials and components).
  • Consultation with our experts to define the solutions best suited to your needs and to your budget.
  • General advice on railways (rolling stock).
  • Consultation for certifying and upgrading rolling stock.
  • Experienced project manager focused on your project and your organization.
  • Assistance with manufacturing and implementation.
  • Support for recommissioning projects.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Precise technical specifications.
  • Manufacturing expertise.


Our standards are very high, and we work only with those who meet our standards. Our design team works in conjunction with Morelli Designers, an industrial design agency renowned for its expertise. This approach guarantees innovative, thoroughly researched, tangible and value-added solutions for our clients.
  • Analysis of user trends and behaviours.
  • Client-focused strategy for product development and enhanced user experience.
  • Defining and creating the operator and user experience.
  • Integrated design in synergy with engineering teams and manufacturing experts.
  • Technical and operational feasibility study of concepts, functions and features.
  • Modelling and prototype.
  • Brain-storming workshops and testing of concepts.
  • Help with revising concepts.


Turning ideas into technological prowess involves solid collaboration among the design, engineering and manufacturing teams. No challenge is beyond the scope of our expert teams. They love working together to solve technical problems. Rail GD can also rely on several engineering partner firms, which gives us a significant advantage in terms of capacity and specialization.
  • Mechanical engineering (structure, mechanical and HVAC systems, interior design, plumbing system (water distribution and wastewater management), air brake system.
  • Electrical engineering (power generation and transmission, distribution, energy storage system, electrical equipment).
  • Systems integration engineering.
  • Embedded software engineering.
  • 3D modelling and design software, and 3D printing for prototype validation.
  • Testing and trials of components, systems and railcars.
  • Design evaluation and verification.
  • Preparation of technical documents.
  • Rollout: railcars and equipment operational and in service.

Repairs and Refurbishing

We excel in remodelling, refurbishing and repairing passenger trains, and are renowned for our superior workmanship. We have helped many private and public rail carriers give new life to their railcars. Our turnkey approach ensures that you have access to all the expertise required to complete your project in the best possible way.
  • Comprehensive expertise (mechanical and electrical systems, refrigeration, HVAC system, interior and exterior finishing, interior design, plumbing, welding and assembly) for a high quality, personalized result.
  • Design and engineering teams work in close synergy.
  • Modifications or improvements to set-up and layout, mechanical and electrical systems and overall aesthetics.
  • Modernizing, repairing or replacing parts and equipment, as needed.
  • Repairing damaged cars.
    Investigating and repairing defective systems.
  • Rigorous execution and quality control at all times.

Be part of our team!

Rail GD is an industry leader, a rapidly expanding and ambitious organization. Our team consists of committed individuals who share our work ethic and our desire to stand out in a competitive, highly specialized market.

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